Join us for a summer filled with fun! Check out all of the awesome camps we will be offering this summer!

Faith Field Trips

Faith Field Trips are intentionally memorable faith-formation experiences, developmentally appropriate for K5-3rd grade and 3rd-5th grade. We will be venturing outdoors where Jesus likely spent most of his childhood. Ages/Grades are for those completed.

May 28th (9am-3pm) – West Palisades Hiking Trip – 3rd-5th Grade
June 25th (9am-6pm) – Lake Winnie – 3rd-5th Grade
June 26th (9am-3pm) – Seach & Rescue Farm – K5-3rd Grade
July 2nd (9am-4pm) – Red Top Mountain to Paddle Board – 3rd-5th Grade
July 9th (9am-6pm) – Lagrange Bible Antiquities Center – 3rd-5th Grade
July 10th (9am-2pm) – Seven Springs Water Park – K5-3rd Grade
July 16th (9am-8pm) – Ambassadors Day at Ms. DeDe’s – 4th & 5th grades only
July 17th (9am-3pm) – Red Top Mountain Super Duper Putt-Putt – K5-3rd Grade

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Ultimate Day Camp

DATE: July 22nd-26th
TIME: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
COST: $95.00 for first child
$70.00 each additional child
AGES: 4 year old – completed 5th

2019 Ultimate Summer Day Camp Registration

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Rookies Camp for Preschoolers by Triumph Sports Team

Join us for a day of super fun! For potty trained children ages 3.5 through 6 years old. Bring your lunch and a refillable water bottle.

$95 if registered before June 1st
$105 after June 1st

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