One child. One hour. One church. One school.

Thank you for supporting KIDS HOPE USA program this school year. Because of your love for children, we were able to give fifteen children at Compton Elementary a very special gift: A Mentor who faithfully showed up each week to help a child learn and remind the child that they are special. God continues to transform lives through simple, one hour meetings between KIDS HOPE USA Mentors and children. Please prayerfully consider joining us as we start a new school year.

Please contact: Denise Wells at or Janice Robinson at for more information.

Click on the following links to see testimonies of actual Kids Hope mentors and the joy they receive from serving through this ministry.
Jill Congleton Testimony
James White Testimony

Feed the Lambs

In the 2017-18 school year MMUMC partnered with Compton Elementary and Tapp Middle schools to provide 2,700 “Blessing Bags” of weekend meals to 75 students who were identified as food insecure by the school social workers. 82% of students at Compton and 59% of students at Tapp are eligible for free or reduced price breakfast and lunches during the school week. But on weekends these children may not have enough food to eat. Children who are well nourished have a better foundation for learning at school. This important mission was supported with donations of $10,800 last year and we are again counting on your support to Feed the Lambs. Also seeking volunteers to help pack and deliver every week.

Please contact Lynn Gilleland at or Sandy Singleton at for more information.

Thanks to your generosity, three hundred 7th grade students at Tapp Middle school were mentored one hour each week with the Teach One to Lead One program in the 2017-18 school year. Our church brought to them character building principles, superb mentor teams, and extraordinary hope! We encourage you to join us for the coming school year as we continue to reach at risk children.

New teams will begin in August, and training in our established methods and curriculum is very simple to complete online. Please contact Martha Joyce at for more information.

Click on the links below to see testimony from actual Teach One to Lead One volunteers and the impact the program has made in their lives.
Martha Joyce Testimony
Donnie Newsome Testimony
Bob Faller Testimony