International Missions - Nigeria

Nigeria North Conference Partnership

Our Purpose

The purpose of the North Conference Partnership (NCP) is to develop healthy relationships between brothers and sisters in Christ across cultures through God’s grace that is transformative and inspirational to all.

Our Goal

The Goal of the NCP is the establishment of a self sustaining holistic ministry empowering people in their context, community, and country to bring health, wholeness and shalom as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is advanced with persons.


The Partnership is a collaborative effort with the United Methodist Church Nigeria North Conference, Iowa Conference, McEachern Memorial, Mount Pisgah, United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), and United Methodist Communications (UMCOM).

The partners set aside their own agendas and create a collective vision for the ministry project together. As with any relationship, each partner brings God-given gifts, whether spiritual, physical, or mental, tangible or intangible, which will be honored and appreciated equally.

Holistic Strategies

The partnership is organized around seven strategies. The partners seek to implement these strategies in an organic, sustainable, and reproducible manner.

Communication and Internet

The partnership identified internet communications as their top priority. Students did not have access to higher education without taking a test on the internet and communications were severely hampered. We have made great strides together in constructing the building and furnishing with satellite internet and computers for training. We have now obtained federal accreditation and with the addition of solar power planned for 2016 the united methodist computer institute (umci) will be financially sustainable. There are many opportunities to serve in teaching computer skills, financial literacy and business planning and replacing aging laptops.

Community Health

With the nearest doctor or dentist 90km away and the cost of over a day’s wage to get there, Community health ministry is vital to the Pero area. Our partners have invested $30,000 in building a new clinic with a unfinished maternity ward. We have a community Health worker who is paid a very small stipend to be there two days a week. With A SOLAR refrigerator we have the only place to store perishable drugs in the area. We are excited to be in the second year of providing Dentech training so these villages can obtain basic dental care. There are huge opportunities to help with Medical, vision, dental services and training and with furnishing drugs and consumable medical supplies.

Leadership Training

We partner with the International Leadership INSTITUTE to provide training to equip and mobilize Leaders to reach the lost in Northern Nigeria. We have trained over 1000 leaders in the last three years. Opportunities exist to join the faculty for our next History makers journey

Water and Sanitation

Clean water is a huge issue in Pero. Our partners from the Iowa conference have contributed by drilling over 50 boreholes but the water is still contaminated with listeria and E.coli. We have worked with Mt. Pisgah UMC to install a McGuire purifier on one of the boreholes. We have a huge opportunity to develop a small water factory to produce 500ml sachets of clean water. The North conference has committed to build the building and the North American partners have committed to come up the equipment. We need help with providing business planning, logistics, and financial literacy training along with raising funds for equipment and distribution.

Sustainable Agriculture

Virtually the entire economy in Pero is subsistence hand agriculture. They have to grow their crops in the five month rainy season to survive the year. The agricultural development project(ADP) is a multifaceted effort to improve the standard of living of the families in the North conference. The ADP is involved in Poultry (both meat and egg production), Fish farming and helping increase yields. They are in the beginning stages of dry season farming and planting an orchard. We have partnered with “two bulls and a plow” Microbusiness that helps them plow in the rainy season and transport in the dry season. It is proving to be sustainable. There is a huge opportunity in many areas, especially poultry if we could find a way to help with a incubator/hatchery.


Almost every area we work in requires training in financial literacy, business planning, logistics and computer skills. This is area that God has equipped many in our church, we are praying for folks willing to step out of the boat and come alongside our brothers and sisters in North Nigeria. We have microbusiness started in the UMCI, ADP and hoping to start soon with the water factory.

Church Planting and Evangelism

This is where we need to bring our brothers and sisters over here to help us. They have 21 “evangelist”, or lay church planters doing amazing work. Where we can help is providing training and resources where they plant churches. There are only 8 ordained elders in the north conference of 100,000 members. We can provide bible college certificate training for as little as $150 per year. A First Degree at Banyam Theological Seminary(BTS) is $350 per year for three years and a Master’s Degree at WATS is $1500 per year.


Global ministries has just invested $100,000 to build a new Junior Secondary School(JSS) or what we would call a high school. The first class of thirty 7th graders started in the fall of 2015 with plans to add one grade per year. We have partnered to help finish the girls hostel(dorm) but they cannot occupy it because of a new federal law that all schools that educate girls must have a security fence because of the Boko haram terrorist. The cost to build the fence is $90,000. They would really like for us to send teachers and administrators to help train and teach along with forming a board to come alongside the local School Board. There are needs for computers, curriculum, consumable supplies, etc.