Twice Blessed Consignment Sale

A Children's Consignment Sale

Our Mission Statement

Twice Blessed Consignment is a ministry of Christ’s disciples sharing God’s Word and reaching out to others through worship and service. This ministry unites the church and community by providing affordable children’s clothing and items to those in need. Sale proceeds are used to support McEachern UMC children ministries.

Fall Sale has been cancelled.

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Mailing List

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Registration Instructions for the Sale

  1. If you are a returning consignor click the “Returning Consignor Registration” button above, otherwise click the “New Consignor Registration” button above.
    • If you are a returning consignor your user name is your seller number and your password is the last 4 digits of your home telephone number (unless you have changed it during the previous sale).
    • If you are a new consignor you must fill out the “New Consignor Registration” form, after which you will be routed to our “Seller Agreement” which must be read and signed.
  2. Once you have completed your registration you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. After you are logged into the consignor home page, click “Update my Account Information” and verify that your personal information is correct.
  4. To return to the main menu, click on “Close Window.”

Selecting a Drop-Off Time

  1. Log into the Consignor Home Page using your seller number and password.
  2. Click on “Select a Drop-Off Appointment.” This will take you to a list of all appointment times. Available times are listed as “OPEN.”
  3. Click “Sign Up” and you are done! You will receive a confirmation email.
  4. If you need to change the time, simply go back to this page and cancel your drop off appointment. Your current drop-off time will be shown at the top of the page, above all of the open drop-off times. Next, select a new drop-off time. You will receive a confirmation email for both the cancellation and the new drop-off time.
  5. All selections (and changes) must be made by 1:00pm on Monday, October 14th.
  6. To return to the Twice-Blessed web page, click on “Close Window.”
  7. Your drop-off time CANNOT coincide with your volunteer shift. You may choose a time immediately before or after your shift, NOT during or overlapping your shift.
  8. Please note, all new sellers MUST volunteer one work shift their first sale!

Selecting Volunteer Shifts

  1. Click on “Volunteer to Work” from the Consignor Home Page. This will take you to a list of all volunteer shifts. Available times are listed as “OPEN.”
  2. Click “Sign Up” and you are done! You will receive a confirmation email for your shift(s).
  3. If you need to change or cancel a shift, simply go back to this page and click “Leave Shift.” The shift(s) you have registered for will be shown at the top of the page, above all of the open shifts. Next, select a new shift, if desired. You will receive a confirmation email for both the cancellation shift and the new shift.
  4. Canceling or changing a volunteer shift does NOT cancel or change your nursery reservation. You MUST change your nursery reservation accordingly.
  5. To return to the Twice-Blessed web page, click on “Close Window.”
  6. Your drop-off time CANNOT coincide with your volunteer shift. You may choose a time immediately before or after your shift, NOT during or overlapping your shift.
  7. Please note, all new sellers MUST volunteer one work shift their first sale!

Want to Shop Early?

  • All sellers and volunteers are invited to shop at our pre-sale on Wednesday. This is our way to say “Thanks for all of your hard work!”
  • Only ONE person per seller number may shop – guests and children are not permitted to shop with you.
  • When you get to shop:
    • Sell and volunteer 2 shifts OR volunteer 3 shifts: enter at 6:00pm
    • Sell and volunteer 1 shifts OR volunteer 2 shifts: enter at 6:30pm
    • Sell only OR volunteer 1 shift: enter at 7:00pm

Need Childcare?

  • Use the link in the consignment e-mails to request childcare during your volunteer shift(s). Space is limited and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis only. You must reserve your child care online, NOT by e-mail, phone, or verbal requests.
  • Children in childcare can be dropped off 10 minutes before your shift begins and MUST be picked up within 15 minutes of your shift’s end.
  • All nursery reservations and cancellations must be made by 10:00am on Monday, October 7th.
  • Click here to review the nursery guidelines
  • If you need to cancel childcare for any reason, please contact Susan Koopman,, as soon as possible.

Entering Items to Sell


All sellers must rack their own items during check-in.

  1. From the Consignor Home Page, click “Work with Consigned Inventory.” A page with several options will appear. To get started, click on “Work with My Consigned Items (Active Inventory).”
  2. If you have sold with us before and wish to start this sale with item #1, you must first delete all inactive inventory. Click on “Work with My Consigned Items (Inactive Inventory) to do this. If you wish to move things from a previous sale to this sale, you must use this button as well to add items to your active inventory.
  3. Fill in the required information for each item.

**If you have your items sorted by type and size, this will go faster. The system holds on to the last information entered for these categories. Click on “Submit Item.” The quantity should always equal 1.

  1. A list of all items entered will show on the bottom of your screen. You can choose to discount everything with one button, or go through each item separately. You can choose to donate items the same way.
  2. If you need to delete an item and still have inventory to enter, the easiest way to keep you numbers from skipping is to edit that item.
  3. You may access any item previously entered by clicking on “Edit,” shown next to the item.
  4. To exit this page, click “I’m Finished for Now.”
  5. You are limited to 250 items. Remember that 1 item = 1 tag. You can put more than one article of clothing together in 1 item. Please be sure to reflect this in your tag description. If you go over 250 items, you will be asked to remove items at check-in.

During and After the Sale

  • You may check the online system to see what items have sold while the sale is in progress. The system updates at the end of each day.
  • Unsold items are stored in the system and you can add them to a future sale with one click.
  • You will be paid based on what is scanned out during the sale, minus the $10.00 seller fee and 30% of your total going back to the church.

Printing Tags

  1. Be sure any pop-up blocking software has been DISABLED.
  2. Click “Work with Consigned Inventory” and a page with several options will appear. To get started, click on “Print All Tags.”
  3. A new screen will appear showing all of your tags. Print this page. Tags may be printed on regular, white paper (cardstock is NOT required).
  4. Please be sure your barcodes have solid, vertical lines. This will insure that each item scans correctly. If you print tags while your ink is low, the tags may not scan. Please make sure your ink is full before you print tags.
  5. Hangers should open to the right shoulder or right hip of the item.
  6. Cut and attach tags on the left shoulder or left hip of the item.
  7. You may also select specific tags to print if you do not need all of them at once or only wish to print tags you have not previously printed. Click “Work with Consigned Inventory” and then “Print Selected Tags.” Check the box next to all items you wish to print. Follow steps 3 and 4.
  8. If you make changes to an item in the inventory system after printing its tag, you must print a new tag.
  9. Please make sure that you use safety pins to pin your tags to your items. Straight pins are NOT allowed and you will have to remove and replace all of them before you check-in. We do not have safety pins at the sale.

Food Donations

  • Check back for a list of food items we need donated.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are served throughout our sale, and your donations make this possible.
  • Your donated food and drink items need to be in the CLC kitchen by 9:30am on the date indicated. Feel free to drop them off a day or two in advance.
  • We also welcome monetary donations for food and drinks! Any amount helps!

Sign up for Food Donations here!

General Information

  • Sellers receive 70% of sale proceeds of their items after a $10 seller’s fee.
  • Only in-season clothing is accepted. For our October sale, we will be accepting fall and winter styles. Spring clothing, summer clothing, strap tank tops, pool, beach, and other warm weather items will not be accepted.
  • We accept most items for babies, children and maternity as well as juniors and young men’s clothing and special occasion dresses. All items MUST be in good condition, clean and free of offensive odors (including cigarette smoke).
  • There will be NO clothing try-ons during the sale.
  • All new sellers must volunteer to work one shift during their first sale!

Items we DO NOT accept:

  • Full size cribs — due to many recent recalls (we will accept Pack & Play style portable crib/play yards)
  • DVDs and videos rated R ***we are now accepting PG-13 movies with content suitable for teens***
  • Video games rated M ***we are now accepting T-rated video games. However, we reserve the right to pull games we feel are inappropriate or too violent for teens.
  • Stuffed animals (with the exception of action animals such as Tickle Me Elmo and Build A Bear toys with clothing and/or accessories included)
  • Dressers, large desks and other large furniture pieces that are difficult to move.
  • Car seats older than 5 years old (per the tag on the seat)
  • Baby formula and food items
  • Toiletries (lotion, shampoo, etc.)
  • Cosmetics
  • Items with logos or slogans inappropriate for children
  • Items in less than good condition

Selling Instructions

  • Please check the CPSC website for recalls. As of February 2009, it is illegal to sell recalled items.
  • All hanging items (including shoes, accessories and nursery items) MUST be on wire hanger and have a barcoded tag. Please see detailed instructions below.
  • Item limits for this sale:
    • 250 items total/seller
    • maternity clothing – 5 items
    • shoes – 5 pair (must be in excellent condition)
    • VHS tapes – 5 items

We accept children’s clothing sizes newborn to girls 16 and boys 20, junior girls and young men’s (must be teen styles only), maternity clothing and special occasion dresses. We strongly encourage you to reduce your items for the ½ sale on Saturday

  • Car seats must be manufactured less than 5 years from the date of the sale (check the tag on the seat).
  • Items must be priced in whole or ½ dollars ($1, $1.50, $2, etc.) with a minimum price of $1.
  • Unsold items may be picked up from 4-5pm on Saturday. Items not picked up by 5pm WILL BE DONATED — Sorry, no exceptions. We do not have storage space to hold your items — a friend can pick up items for you.


  • Shoes
  • Belts
  • Socks
  • Underwear/Bras
  • Purses/Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Hair Accessories
  • Hats
  • Bottles
  • Feeding Supplies
  • Nursery Items

Wire hook hangers with plastic arms are not permitted. We will not be able to provide wire hangers for you to re-hang your items brought on plastic hangers. Items such as toys, books, and games do not have to be on hangers.

Shoes can be placed in a bag (zip-lock or plastic gallon-type bag) and then hung on a wire hanger (the hanger can push through the bag). If shoes (such as boots or older children’s shoes) are too large to fit in a bag, the shoes must be zip-tied to a wire hanger. Zip-ties may require one per shoe to keep them secure on the hanger. As a reminder, shoes must be in excellent condition or they will be rejected upon check-in.

All clothing sizes MUST be entered as a number. Please convert ‘small’, ‘medium,’ and ‘large’ to the equivalent number size. Please use the correct category for every item you enter.

Please be sure to package your items securely. Use ample packing tape to make sure bags stay closed, items stay together, and tags stay on. Please securely tape shut ALL DVDs and video games to prevent the disc or game from being removed from the case. Please make sure that items packaged in a box are able to be seen by the consumer. Items which cannot be viewed through the packaging typically do not sell.

Tags should be as descriptive as possible (do not put ‘Jeans’ or ‘Blue Shirt’). Whenever possible, start with the brand name and give a detailed description — “GAP Jeans with Floral Embroidery” or “Gymboree Blue Shirt with Dogs.” If a tag should come off of an item, our system has the ability to search inventory and print a new tag. This is only possible if we can match the tag description to the item. Items with missing tags cannot be sold and will most likely be donated since we do not know which seller to return them to.

We do not pay sellers for items that go missing during the sale. We will do our very best to take good care of your items and prevent loss or theft.


Check Release Form – Print out and sign if you would like for us to release your check to a third party

Donation Request Form – Fill out if you would like to request funds from Twice Blessed Consignment Committee