Helping people become who God created them to be through worshiping, growing, serving, and sharing.

Our Faith Journey


At McEachern Memorial UMC we believe that no matter the style, language, or time that corporate worship is essential. Therefore, it is our goal to offer meaningful worship in a variety of styles so that many people can worship as one church. It is our goal to offer high quality worship services that will be meaningful and relevant to your life.


God calls us to go deeper and to work out our faith in group study. Small group study of God’s Word allows more time to discuss topics and issues; also, it holds us accountable to the group so that we begin to apply what we are learning. McEachern Memorial UMC offers two ways to experience growth through small group study: Sunday school classes and Bible studies.


Our faith is not simply about agreeing to certain doctrines or attending worship services and Bible studies.  God calls us into action as a way to express and bear witness to our faith, and to be the “hands and feet” of Jesus to his world. McEachern Memorial is engaged in missional projects in our community, our nation, and our world.  We want to provide every person an opportunity to put their faith into action through meaningful service.


We believe that when you are engaged in regular worship, dedicated small group study, and meaningful service that your life will begin to change and people will notice.  So when they ask why you are different, how do you have peace in your home or your finances, or why you act in a new way we want you to be ready to point them to the One who made that difference: Jesus Christ!

Get Involved


If you are looking for ways to reach out to the local community or help those in need outside the U.S., visit our missions section. We have a food pantry, car care ministry, disaster relief, and mission trips.


We have many programs for children of all ages including nursery, Sunday school, Embrace special needs Sunday school, youth groups, and more.


Our adult classes and groups span all stages of life. We offer Sunday school classes, Bible studies, small groups, senior gatherings and trips, and more.


There are many ways to connect at McEachern Memorial UMC. We have programs for children through senior adults. Take a moment to browse through our ministries. You will find chances to volunteer and to learn.