Sunday School Small Groups


Came to Believe
9:30 AM / F 326


Our Came To Believe Class is an active lively older group of members who welcome all new comers. We have frequent get togethers and enjoy each others company. We always need active new members that will participate in our activities. We have been the sponsor of a Mission Lunch for years and members need to help with this in order for us to continue this mission work.

9:30 AM / F 319


We are predominately made up of couples with young children and teenagers. We are a discussion class that uses a combination of techniques including videos, topical studies, and Bible Study books. We have periodic socials and we would love to welcome you to our class.



Discussion style class studying Biblical and topical issues. Parents and grandparents, couples and single members, enjoying fellowship together.

9:30 AM / F 316


Lecture and Group Discussion, led by class members. Studies focus on appling scripture to your life. Our goal is to grow in our relationship of God and his Word, and to fellowship with each other. Parents of children elementary to adult. Couples and single members.

Joyful Noise
9:45 AM / East Room

All Ages

Discussion-style class supplemented by visual media studying scripture, scriptural surveys and topical issues. The class meets from 9:50 to 10:45 to accommodate choir members, but all are welcome. We schedule periodic class socials, and support church ministries and missions financially and with direct participation.

9:30 AM / F 227


Group led discussions studying Biblical scripture and topical studies. Video and/or book study topics include deep dive into specific Old and New testament verses, Advent and Lent studies and a variety of other subjects via video and books. Zoom option is available, if requested. In-person class meets throughout the year.

Nat Long Bible Class
9:30 AM / F 147


Formed in 1967, The Nat Long Bible Class is a warm and welcoming class for Senior Adults 50 and over. Studying God’s Word as we continue to grow in our Christian faith.

9:30 AM / B 108

All Women

Lecture and group discussion. Biblical and topical studies that are based on Scripture. We have weekly prayer sessions. Women from all stages of life, Single, widowed, divorced, and married women.

New Friendship
9:30 AM / F 322


Discussion style class studying Biblical and topical issues. Mature adults with children and grandchildren. Our purpose statement is “we honor God by reaching out and sharing with understanding and service to others.”

9:30 AM / F 313


Discussion style class studying Biblical and topical issues. Parents of young adults along with some new grandparents. Host social activities throughout the year.

Lula Dobbs Hall

All Ages

Adult Special Needs class using Bible-based specialized curriculum. Family members and caregivers welcome. Quarterly social events.

Dig Deeper
11 AM / Virtual

All Ages

Organic & interactive class that digs deep into the Bible, seeking to understand, apply & allow it to transform through the Holy Spirit. Structured in an interactive lecture & lively discussion.

Hispanic Small Group
10 AM /F 321

All Ages

Discussion style class studying Biblical and topical issues.

11 AM / F 147


Discussion/Teaching style, that is led by. class member or guest speaker. Biblically based lessons. We are parents of older children, and lots of proud grandparents. We are a mission minded class. Couples and single members.